The power of freedom

WordPress is open source. It means you can freely access to exact core software we used for NoCodeWP.  You can't get the same level of freedom on closed-code platforms.

If you're looking for a platform that values your freedom and independence, look no further than NoCodeWP.

A great foundation for a start

Self-hosted WordPress provides a wide range of options that can be overwhelming. While it allows for more control and customization, it requires making decisions for almost every aspect of the website.

In addition, self-hosted WordPress can come with higher maintenance costs to ensure the website is secure and up-to-date.

Privacy Friendly

Privacy compliance is more than simply displaying a cookie pop-up to visitors. Our platform offers a range of features to ensure your website meets privacy standards. It includes native analytics, Complianz privacy suite, advanced site visibility options, and more...

Simple Pricing

Our pricing is simple and includes all essential components without any hidden charges, so your website won't be penalized for success or increased traffic. However, we do have a fair use policy in place for the term "unlimited," which is often used as a buzzword in various applications and SaaS services.

Unique WordPress Experience

Our WordPress platform is designed to make your life easier, offering a unique user experience that streamlines the process, whether you are an experienced WordPress user or not. There are no interruptions in your admin workflow or nagging notifications - it's simply designed to do the job.

Expert Support

NoCodeWP is created, developed, and supported by WPHandle, with years of expertise in delivering top-notch customer service whenever you require it. If you encounter any issues with your website or plugins, simply reach out to us for assistance. We don't direct you to various vendors or forums to get the support you need.