Build anything without code.

Everything you need to build a world-class responsive website.


Powerful Page Builder

Drag-and-drop page builder you can trust with your business. No more guesswork.

Pre-Built Pages & Sections

Take advantage of pre-designed layouts and templates that have already been optimized for usability and visual appeal


Easily customize various aspects of your site, including layout, colors, fonts, widgets, and more, in a live preview mode.

Powerful Modules

Get a range of powerful modules that can be used to create a variety of website features, such as pricing tables and image galleries.

Best Editor for Content Creation

WordPress Block Editor is a powerful and intuitive tool that allows you to create posts easily.

Classic Editor is also available as a plugin.


Native Analytics

Easy to use and privacy-friendly analytics comes with every sites on NocodeWP.

Google Site Kit

Get insights about how people find and use your site, how to improve, and monetize your content. Learn more


Marketing Tools

Creating high-converting and targeted marketing campaigns has never been easier with our platform. With just a few simple steps, you can create campaigns that are tailored to your audience and designed to drive results.


Optimizing your SEO is crucial for increasing your website's visibility and driving more traffic to your site. RankMath is available with your site. So it can help you improve your search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic to your site.

Powerful Forms

Access to Best Form Builder

Forminator PRO is a powerful form builder that is available on our platform. With Forminator PRO, you can easily design and create forms for your website without any coding knowledge.

Collect Payments

Accept one-off payments with Stripe and PayPal integrations. You can also collect recurring/subscription payments with Stripe.

Third-Party Integrations

Support for 2000+ third-party apps. Zapier, MailChimp, HubSpot, and more



Do you need to add some code snippets in the header or footer of your site? You can do that along with embedding trusted 3rd party services.


Extending the functionality of your site with pre-audited plugins can be a great way to add new features.


You can access your data securely and efficiently and build custom integrations that fit your workflow through REST API.


WAF Protection

We provide protection for websites through our WAF, which defends various types of cyber threats, including hacking attempts, SQL injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), and other forms of malicious attacks.

Malware scanning

Our automated malware scanning helps us to stay one step ahead of potential security threats, ensuring that we can effectively protect your website from malicious attacks.

Account Security

For an additional layer of security, we offer a two-factor authentication option that helps to keep your accounts secure and protected against unauthorized access.


Lightning fast load time

The slow-running websites have adverse effects on the user experience, site traffic, and SEO. We take care of technical aspects of site speed to ensure your website loads fast all the time.

Managed software and website upgrades

You can put all your server maintenance, infrastructure, and operations worries to rest. We take care of regular updates, improvements, and bug fixes, and you can seamlessly reap the benefits of these updates without any effort on your part.

Backups and Restores

Losing weeks of work on a website, or having a client request a rollback to a previous version, can be frustrating. To prevent such situations, we automatically save backups of your website, which can be easily restored with just one click.

You can also take a backup of your site on-demand when needed.